American Standards/Light Jazz

Sandra has developed a strong singing style and distinctive voice.  She engages her audience in the story imparted by the music.  Sandra can be engaged in the following ways:


  • Sandra is an experienced performer for receptions, special events, fundraisers, dances, corporate events.


  • Looking for a fundraiser for your group?  An evening of solos and audience participation as the mood takes you, with smooth vocals by Sandra and the inimitable piano of Oleg Samokhin.  An evening of hits spanning the 1920’s to 1960’s.


  • Personalised for your resident program needs for active seniors (such as dances, Spring teas, love songs, or sing-alongs).
  • Personalized for your home’s need for more inactive residents or those with dementia, with sing-alongs and lots of engagement.

Have a listen here.

Contact Sandra to inquire about availability and cost.


“It took me a bit of reflection before I could figure out why the music that you and Oleg provided last evening was so important to me.

“I find that most good music is very entertaining in the moment. However, time with the two of you was a welcome respite from the cares of the world, that I find increasingly worrisome.

“For about an hour, I was able to completely forget about global warming, floods and the circus at Queen’s Park. That unrepresentative government is unravelling the social safety net that has laboriously been put in place over the last 100+ years and it is hacking away at environmental protections that help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“I find that all of this is very heavy stuff and it was simply laid aside for a while and for that I am very grateful.

“God bless you both in your ministry of music”, TG   May 3, 2019 “The Possibilities of Love” concert at Grace United Church, Barrie

“Thank you !  I was caught up in the music – and it was simply wonderful.”

Peter, May 3rd concert at Grace United, Barrie

“Thank you Sandra and Oleg for yet another truly wonderful concert. It was a pleasure to be able to attend such an amazing event. Thanks again”

Jack Brown, organiser of event; May 3rd concert at Grace United, Barrie

“It was a great success in our eyes, and what fun ! We may just have to do it again next year if you are up for it !”    The Rev. Monica Moore; St. James United and The Mary Street Centre, Parry Sound.  “Spring in The Sound”, April 26, 2019  Dinner, Piano Bar and Dance.   We had a great time, Monica, and would love to come back!!

“Dear Sandra:  I want to thank both you and Oleg for “Putting it ALL out there” last evening.  Your performance(s) were spectacular and I am grateful to you both for doing such an outstanding job. Words hardly seem adequate to express my gratitude (and so much for artistic people being “difficult” to deal with). You and Oleg make putting on a concert very easy. “ Organiser:  J. Brown, May 2018 Barrie Concert, “Come Fly With Me”

“We thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance!!”  Vic & Nancy, May 2018, “Come Fly With Me”

“Sandra, the music was sublime at the concert.  I could sense the “breath, sigh and pulse” of the audience around me.  It took them to a calmer, more peaceful, more joyful place, beyond words and understanding.  That is my take on it, anyway.  Good for their spirit!  Good for my spirit, too!  I wish you joy, as you warm people’s hearts.”  Maira M. Feb 15, 2018 Concert “Come Fly With Me”

“When’s your next concert?  I’ll be there.”  Ellen G.  Feb 10, 2018 Concert, “Come Fly With Me”

“Thank you so much.  Your voice is beautiful.  We just loved it!”
From Bride Mara, at her wedding reception

“You were absolutely fantastic!  Thank you.”
From Aunt of the Bride, July 19th wedding reception  

“Sandra has performed at Richview Manor on several occasions.  The residents have really enjoyed her performances, she is always willing to play a variety of music, interacts with her audience, socializes with residents after and gets resident feedback.  She incorporates storytelling along with her musical performance which makes her unique and engaging.”
Anna Walpole, Manager of Programs at Richview Manor, Maple, June 10, 2015  “Dance Tunes for the Afternoon”  

 “It has been my absolute joy to work with Sandra Kirby in every respect. … Her passion is music and enabling others to share in this special gift. …Without hesitation, I would recommend Sandra’s music and consulting leadership to you and your organization.”
From John Harries, Living Waters Retirees’ Association 

“Thank you for being the master of ceremonies at our party; I couldn’t have done it myself.  You made the party a huge success and your singing was so uplifting.”
From Mariam, leader CNIB V-I-P Support Group, Richvale Dec. 2013 

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