“I am pleased to give this review for Sandra Kirby’s performance at our client event. We had hired Sandra in the past to perform at our corporate events. After the initial great experience we had working with her, together with our client’s feedback, we were delighted to be able to have her back this year. Working with Sandra is easy, she is organized and knows how to read the audience. Sandra’s singing talent and business sense made her a great choice for our corporate event.”  Mary Rourke, Senior Investment Advisor, HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.  Aurora, Ont.

“Our sincere thanks and appreciation for a wonderful concert last night! It
was a joy to listen to your music and I have heard great feedback from
members of the audience.  It was a cool evening!
Again our thanks for helping us make a difference in the lives of African
AIDS families.”  Peg H. and Donna H. On behalf of Hands and Hearts for AFRICA, November 2, 2019 fundraising concert with collaborative pianist/guitarist Mr. Benjamin Stein at Richmond Hill United Church.

“It was an awe-inspiring evening. Great job singing and piano presentations by Sandra and Oleg. I received a number of great feed back of the event last night after the concert. Bravo Sandra and Oleg.”  Lola P., co-organiser of fundraising event, Asbury and West United Church, North York. May 31, 2019

“People were still on a high from the concert. You and Oleg were/are amazing. Don’t be surprised if you get a call to come again!!  If I have not said it enough THANK YOU”.  Rev. Carol, co-organiser of fundraising event, Asbury and West United Church, North York, May 31, 2019

“I thought you were singing to me alone and I closed my eyes.  But when I opened them, I looked around and could see those around me thought the same way as I did.”  Liz, King City United Church, May 18, 2019

“It took me a bit of reflection before I could figure out why the music that you and Oleg provided last evening was so important to me.

“I find that most good music is very entertaining in the moment. However, time with the two of you was a welcome respite from the cares of the world, that I find increasingly worrisome.

“For about an hour, I was able to completely forget about global warming, floods and the circus at Queen’s Park. That unrepresentative government is unravelling the social safety net that has laboriously been put in place over the last 100+ years and it is hacking away at environmental protections that help to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“I find that all of this is very heavy stuff and it was simply laid aside for a while and for that I am very grateful.

“God bless you both in your ministry of music”, TG 

What a wonderful complement from our May 3rd concert at Grace United, Barrie !

“Thank you !  I was caught up in the music – and it was simply wonderful.”

Peter, May 3rd concert at Grace United, Barrie

“Thank you Sandra and Oleg for yet another truly wonderful concert. It was a pleasure to be able to attend such an amazing event. Thanks again”

Jack Brown, organiser of event; May 3rd concert at Grace United, Barrie

“It was a great success in our eyes, and what fun ! We may just have to do it again next year if you are up for it !”    The Rev. Monica Moore; St. James United and The Mary Street Centre, Parry Sound.  “Spring in The Sound”, April 26, 2019  Dinner, Piano Bar and Dance.   We had a great time, Monica, and would love to come back!!

It gives me great pleasure to write this review of Sandra Kirby who provided entertainment at our recent client event. Working with Sandra was easy, she was organized and insightful and tailored her vocal performance to our event, audience, and location. Sandra’s singing talent and business sense made her a great choice for our corporate event. After the event multiple clients called and emailed to rave about her voice, everyone enjoyed the music and the presence of Sandra! We have already booked Sandra back for another event! ”   Mary Rourke, Senior Investment Advisor, HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.  Aurora, Ont.

“I want to thank both you and Oleg for “Putting it ALL out there” Last evening.
Your performance(s) were spectacular and I am grateful to you both for doing
such an outstanding job. Words hardly seem adequate to express my gratitude (and
so much for artistic people being “difficult” to deal with). You and Oleg make
putting on a concert very easy.”  J. Brown, concert organiser, “Come Fly With Me”, Barrie, May 11, 2018

“Your voice is so pure.  You have a spell-binding quality in your voice that keeps you listening right to the last note.”  C. Frostad

“We thoroughly enjoyed last night’s performance!!”  Vic & Nancy, May 2018, “Come Fly With Me”

“Sandra, the music was sublime at the concert.  I could sense the “breath, sigh and pulse” of the audience around me.  It took them to a calmer, more peaceful, more joyful place, beyond words and understanding.  That is my take on it, anyway.  Good for their spirit!  Good for my spirit, too!  I wish you joy, as you warm people’s hearts.”  Maira M. Feb 15, 2018 Concert “Come Fly With Me”

“When’s your next concert?  I’ll be there.”  Ellen G.  Feb 10, 2018 Concert, “Come Fly With Me”

“On behalf of all of us at Nobleton United I want to extend our most heartfelt gratitude for the very beautiful family service you led for us.  We appreciate your gift of ministry through your music.  It was and is wonderful….Close to 100 attended !”  Christmas Eve service, 2016

“Thank you for touching our hearts and inspiring our spirits.  Sandra, it is so uplifting to hear your amazing expression of love in singing.  Thanks for the preparation and practice and profound love and care. ”  Rev. M. Mindszenthy, guest soloist, Temperanceville United’s 209 anniversary

“This marvelous singer !”  Fr. Amonius   Celebrant at private memorial service

“..she gave us an awe-inspiring service.”  November 6 worship service, Nobleton/Schomberg PC.

“Sandra Kirby has performed at Richview Manor on several occasions.  The residents have really enjoyed her performances, she is always willing to play a variety of music, interacts with her audience, socializes with residents after and gets resident feedback.  She incorporates storytelling along with her musical performance which makes her unique and engaging.”  A. Walpole, Manager of Programs, Richview Manor.

“We just want to thank you for such a lovely performance last night ! Wonderful choice of music! Your dynamic voice with wonderful accompaniment on the piano!  Loved every second of it !  Chris & Maria  “Love ~ Ain’t it Crazy !” concert

“..thank you for the fine concert… It was a fun evening…your lovely voice was in fine form…this is my music and I loved it.”  “Love ~ Ain’t it Crazy !” concert

“We so enjoyed the evening, you have a wonderful voice! …you have really found your calling, congratulations!”  Carolyn  “Love ~ Ain’t it Crazy!” concert

“You must get tired of hearing this, but your voice is amazing!” Lisa  “Love ~ Ain’t it Crazy!” concert

“That song sent shivers down my spine, it was so good.” Mary S.  “Love ~Ain’t it Crazy!” concert

“Thank you Sandra for sharing your beautiful voice with the people of Countryside Thornton United Church. Our spirits were lifted by the choice of hymns and especially your powerful solos. Thank you again for helping us celebrate our 142 anniversary.” The Rev. Carol McKinley October 25, 2015

“Your voice was like a caress.” Victoria Square, October 18, 2015

“You sing like an angel !”

“Thank you so much.  Your voice is beautiful.  We just loved it!”
From Bride Mara, at her wedding reception, July 19, 2015 

“You were absolutely fantastic!  Thank you.”
From Aunt of the Bride, July 19th wedding reception  

“Your singing brought a peacefulness and calm over me.”
From Maggie, Bannockburn Community Church, Acton Island, Muskoka Lakes, July 12, 2015  

“You have such an angelic voice.  Thank you.”
Anonymous, Bannockburn Community Church, July 12, 2015 

“Sandra had us smiling as we listened to the songs of our youth, crying when those memories were so strong and touching and once again helped us to sing with praise as we joined her in song.  Sandra reminds us of God’s love being present at all times.  She is a blessing.  Thank you for your heartwarming and kind love that you bring to those around you.”
From Cathie Jones, UCW, January 31, 2015 Concert 

 “It was Spirit-filled; we could see the passion of the love of the Lord in you.”
From Byng Bone, January 31, 2015 Concert 

 “Congratulations on a super successful concert!  I know an awful lot of work would have gone into making it such an amazing performance.  Hymns have certainly come a long way since my early church days.  Although it’s really the way you sing them that makes them seem new and fresh !  I especially love the jazzy numbers.  Your accompanist, Oleg, was super amazing too.  He truly has magical fingers.  Thank you for letting me share the evening with you.  I anxiously await the next concert.”
From Carol-Anne Fisher, January 31, 2015 Concert

“Your love for our Lord was very evident in your choice of songs and in your singing.  May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek to serve Him.”
From W.  Currie, January 31, 2015 

 “Today Alan and I attended King City United Church where Sandra Kirby was acting worship leader in Rev. Evelyn McLachlan’s absence.  Sandra used the worship to review the history of hymns within The United Church.  There have been various hymn books and supplements produced over the years with many treasured hymns dropped, changed and new ones added.  Sandra is also a wonderful soprano and sang portions of hymns bringing back many memories and awakening deep emotions for those in attendance.  She did a great job on researching and presenting this material.  I was struck by the faithfulness of those who worshiped over the years and used these hymns of praise as statements of their faith.  Thanks Sandra for a great worship experience.”
From E.L. June 29, 2014

Thank you for your wonderful, spirit-filled music yesterday. I was, I’m still, lifted up by your ministry of music.”
From The Rev. Basil Coward, Victoria Square United Church Oct. 20, 2013

 “We can’t say enough about Sandra’s beautiful voice and her leadership.”
From Eleanor F., King City United Church

“VSUC deeply appreciates the ministry of music you bring, and we are blessed.  We are always delighted to have you share your spirit infused music with us, and we loved the warm and well-known pieces.  Your willingness to lend your voice to the choir is simply wonderful.”
From The Rev. Basil Coward, Victoria Square United Church, Oct. 19, 2014

“It was a joy and blessing to have Sandra share music during our special worship service.  We connected deeply with the music which invites ‘worship’ and participation. …I now understand why the congregation keeps inviting her back, again and again.  We are looking forward to a shared concert in the Fall of 2013.  Blessings on your ministry.”
From The Rev. Basil Coward, Victoria Square United Church   

 “Sandra, your solo this morning was joyfully rich and melodic.  Your ministry of music is a truly exceptional gift.”
From Leslie J., King City United Church 

 “A beautiful singer; singing from the heart and singing for God.”
From Margaret Mortson, Music Director, Victoria Square United Church 

“I enjoyed every song . Embrace the wonderful talent God gave you of singing like a lark.”
From Lorraine S., a participant of United Church Hymn Books From Our Life-Time

“I was delighted with the way you explained the context of the many hymnaries that have been developed over the decades. …I thank you for your delightful and informative presentation.”
From Marian, a participant of The United Church Hymn Books from Our Lifetime

“Sandra has performed at Richview Manor on several occasions.  The residents have really enjoyed her performances, she is always willing to play a variety of music, interacts with her audience, socializes with residents after and gets resident feedback.  She incorporates storytelling along with her musical performance which makes her unique and engaging.”
Anna Walpole, Manager of Programs at Richview Manor, Maple, June 10, 2015  “Dance Tunes for the Afternoon”  

“The concert was amazing.  We both enjoyed the singing and the piano.  All in all I would recommend you and Oleg to anyone looking to have an event at their church.  Thank you again for touching our spirit with your music.”
From The Rev. Carol Baggett-McKinley, January 31, 2015 Concert 

“I really enjoyed the concert…What a wonderful voice you have been gifted.  The programme was just the right length and the hymns chosen were really good.”
From Barbara Hendren, UCW,  January 31, 2015 Concert

 “It was absolutely gorgeous!”
From Vera Marks, January 31, 2015 Concert 

 “Absolutely amazing.  It sent shivers down my back.  When will you have another concert?”
From Maria E., January 31, 2015 Concert

“The music was a delight; really, really good. This is a vast untapped resource for people to sing together.  When will you do it again?”
From Virginia T., January 31, 2015 Concert 

“That was a special, special evening.  Kim and I enjoyed it so very much.”
From Mary O., January 31, 2015 Concert 

“What a wonderful night of music.  Thank you !”
From Betty Coles, January 31,2015  Concert

 “Thank you for your gracious presence and inspiring singing. You warm hearts and bring joy.”
From The Rev. Maria Mindszenthy, Temperanceville United Church, October 26, 2014 

 “It has been my absolute joy to work with Sandra Kirby in every respect. … Her passion is music and enabling others to share in this special gift. …Without hesitation, I would recommend Sandra’s music and consulting leadership to you and your organization.”
From John Harries, Living Waters Retirees’ Association 

“Your voice is unbelievably beautiful and goes straight to the heart.”
From Marina D., Victoria Square United Church Oct. 20,2013 

“Thank you for being the master of ceremonies at our party; I couldn’t have done it myself.  You made the party a huge success and your singing was so uplifting.”
From Mariam, leader CNIB V-I-P Support Group, Richvale Dec. 2013 

“You made our party a success (as our master of ceremonies and entertainment) and you’re there to help. You have a lovely voice !”
From Bess L., co-organizer of the VIP Alumni, CNIB Support Group Summer Kick-Off 

Your singing took me to a different place & time and I was lost in the moment.  Thank you.”
Anonymous, New Lowell United Church  

  “When you were singing I felt happy & light-hearted.  I felt like dancing !  Thanks for your uplifting music.”
From The Rev. Maria Mindszenthy, Temperanceville United Church 

“We continue to hear wonderful reviews of the evening and the part that you played in it…and your part in it was exceptional.”
From St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Rev. Robert Royal   

 “A heart-felt singer who delightfully engages the listener.  Punctual, Professional.”
From Byng B., Childrens’/Youth Christian Education, New Hope United Church 

“What a wonderful singer; I enjoyed myself so very much.”
From Doris S., a participant of The United Church Hymn Books from Our Lifetime   

“… the entertainment was really amazing!”
From Marian, a participant of United Church Hymn Books from Our Life Time